Adventure Wednesday

Since I find myself working most Saturdays, our little family takes another day of the week to have a nice adventure and enjoy the city. Yesterday we enjoyed the farmers market, did some grocery shopping, and then went to a new museum that recently opened not far from our house called Mshed. It celebrates Bristol’s rich history with loads of interactive displays to keep the little ones engaged.

Fae Fae loves to lift her chubby little arms behind her and fly…

another funny Fae mannerism is to tilt her head to the side whenever we say “Fae, smile!”

Yesterday morning I braided her hair in little pigtail braids, and was shocked at how grown up she looked all of the sudden. The hair do combined with this special little sweater made her look like she was on her way to the first day of kindergarten or something. When did my little girl get to be so big? (the sweater was previously worn by my dear little niece on the day she was officially adopted into our family!)


September 1, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. mccalebbs replied:

    love the ‘fae, smile!’ face. she is sooo cute.

  2. annie replied:

    she looks sooo grown up. what a sweet girl. can’t wait to hang out.

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