Camping Day 1

We’re off to a good start! We met up with our friends who brought a tent for us from Calvary Chapel Bible College York, and they even had it set up for us! We made up our cosy nest and got ourselves situated, ate some dinner and have settled in for the night. Putting a toddler to bed on in a tent in the middle of a windy field while it is bright out and children and adults are not yet using their “night time voices” can be patience cultivating. While we were still settling, a little pair of feet scampered up to the back of our tent and called out “Don’t cry baby!” in a very British little voice and scurried off. Not super helpful, but so well intending- it warmed my heart. And seriously does anything in the world beat being cuddled by little chubby hands?


And now Conor and I are enjoying our little front porch!



August 6, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. annie replied:

    hooray! wish i was there!

  2. Leslie Fuller replied:

    Hannah, your writing is oozing with the life of the moment. Now, you be sure to make copies of all your entries, because in 10 or 50 years you and your family will be warmed immeasurably in reading these notations of the young mother’s life! With love and admiration, an older mom, your mom, to be specific!

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