Weekends are supposed to be fun- right? Well by that standard, our weekend was a success!

Hope yours was nice too!


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here is our life lately in pictures. Enjoy. (I made this top a month or so back, and never had a good picture to share until now. Someone mistook it for a Cath Kidston top the other day. I was super stoked.) Potty pot- check. The classic book “Everyone Poops”- check. Motivation- severely lacking. Please share any successful potty training tips (and or funny stories) if you’ve got them. Happy Weekend!

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a lovely weeks end…

We had the most encouraging week at Creation Fest in Cornwall! Full of lovely camping experiences, and such wonderful fellowship and worship with other believers.  Came home just in time for the great Bristol Balloon Festival-which was a nice treat! One of the largest festivals in all of Europe, it was such a beautiful display of colors.

It took a bit of waiting until the show began, but Fae was quite happy to make friends with the family waiting near us.

Fae is just there in the middle, in her pajamas and Hello Kitty Wellies. Everyone loved her outfit. (photos taken by the lovely Mr. Berry)

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Camping Day 1

We’re off to a good start! We met up with our friends who brought a tent for us from Calvary Chapel Bible College York, and they even had it set up for us! We made up our cosy nest and got ourselves situated, ate some dinner and have settled in for the night. Putting a toddler to bed on in a tent in the middle of a windy field while it is bright out and children and adults are not yet using their “night time voices” can be patience cultivating. While we were still settling, a little pair of feet scampered up to the back of our tent and called out “Don’t cry baby!” in a very British little voice and scurried off. Not super helpful, but so well intending- it warmed my heart. And seriously does anything in the world beat being cuddled by little chubby hands?


And now Conor and I are enjoying our little front porch!


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Camping anyone?

Conor, Fae, and I are taking our first camping trip as a family of three this coming weekend! We will be joining the crush of people headed to Cornwall, England to enjoy some summer. We will be pitching our tent in a field along with loads of other christians from around England for Calvary’s Creation Festival.
Conor and I received all of the essential camping equipment for our wedding, and only used it twice in that first year we were married. Once on our honeymoon, and once on a Fuller family camping trip to celebrate one of my sister’s and my birthdays. But all of that lovely camping equipment is tucked away in boxes at my parents house- so we are (quite happily) roughing it!
Pictures to follow!

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