We’re finally feeling better. After a full week of being really very sick and achy, we are taking full advantage of beautiful days and healthy babes. We took our sweet little “tiger-duck” for a walk.

This charming one of a kind toy was made especially for Fae by our land lady during our last 2 years in Germany as a good-bye gift. Lately we have been having a somewhat hard time taking walks because little miss priss constantly wants me to hold her. I’m a pretty strong momma, but she is also a pretty heavy 18 month old. This little toy was just the perfect addition to our walk, it takes F’s attention off a cuddle, and allow us both to enjoy our time out and get plenty of exercise.


We went to the park and ran around, playing tag, (or at least trying to), chasing dogs who were chasing sticks, and drinking lots of water.

Also here is the beginnings of my curtains, and a sweet postcard find i forgot to include into yesterdays post!



Blessings to you on your Sunday!


July 10, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Lea replied:

    Love seeing pics of fae and your new curtains! Beautiful!

  2. Leslie Fuller replied:

    We are pleased to be able to share you Sunday with you, altho it’s about 30 hours late! But that’s a real Fuller for you: hours late!
    It is just wonderful to see the streets where you walk, the budding determined 2 yr old, hear the music you listen to, see you and Fae, reminding me of us. Has there ever been a better time to have kids on the other side of the world? I think not. And our loving, guiding Lord God Almighty is with us all, whereever we are!!!

  3. Leslie Fuller replied:

    The curtain fabric is Splendid!!!

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