Happy Saturday

We had the nicest Saturday in a good long time. Woke up to heavy rain outside, and braved the weather to go to the library’s singing hour. We arrived early and Fae was determined to get on with the fun- so she sat happily in her normal spot, and proceeded to conduct her own singing time. Happily rocking back and forth she sang her own combination of “Row Row Row Your Boat” and “Wind the Bobbin Up.”

Daddy joined us later and since the rain had stopped, we had a nice lunch out,- we found a good little restaurant on the waterfront and had a lovely family date.
Then on to the really fun part… We took the bus to Gloucester Road where there are lots of nice boutique, childrens, reclamation, and vintage shops. We came away with a coffee table(!!!!!), made from upcycled 100 year old bits of wood, and wonderful vintage, and delightfully “blemished” fabric to make living room curtains! (pictures to follow soon)

Overall, we had a lovely time- despite a bit of no nap hysteria.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday too!






July 9, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. annie replied:

    sounds like such a fun day! as always, i’m in love with fae’s style! and i want to go to singing hour!!

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