Summering in England

After a morning at work, Conor, Fae, and I joined our co-church planter, Ben for a drive outside the city to Ashton Court, a glorious old residence that is now run by the city, with grounds open to the public.

What a nice treat to get out of the city, and our little routine and enjoy a glorious summers day. Conor and Ben had their “church staff” meeting and Bible Study on the large lawn, while Fae and I explored. We would walk a little way, tumble in the grass, walk a little farther, rub baby doll into the dirt, sit and have some berries and grapes, and repeat.



The grounds of his estate reach farther than you can see, with meadows, rolling hills, and little woods. There are even dear that make their home in the fields. And I don’t mean one or two, but rather herds of 50+ dear, with 4 and 6 point bucks!
What a lovely day.


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Needle and thread!

The combination of reading AnnaMaria Horner’s blog and working at Cath Kidston- I’ve found a new love…embroidery. Though I have yet to attempt a “real” piece (one with more than just one stitch), I’m gathering inspiration!
Since Fae loves animals of all shapes and sizes- I made this little Scottie dog embroidery and affixed it to a homemade pillow.
What do you think of my first attempts at this beautiful old craft?

20110720-024016.jpg (I think Fae likes it!)




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A nice addition

I mentioned last week that we bought a coffee table on our little outing to Glouchester road. Since we don’t have a car, we had to wait patiently for it to be delivered. It arrived yesterday just in time for Bible Study! The top is a beautiful slab of wood reclaimed from furniture 150+ years old! I’m completely in love with it.
Our bible study was such a blessing too. We’ve only begun meeting in our home last week- and it is such a nice change. I can actually listen to Ben’s teaching now rather than chasing Fae all around the fellowship hall that we had been renting. And it is so warm and cosy to have people in our home worshiping our sweet Jesus. Conor led worship and it was such a sweet time of praise.



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party ideas!

   This morning Fae and I are enjoying some good humor and our new (though still makeshift) living room curtains. She is dancing around with nothing but the  radio on. No- really. We’re listening to my sweet friend serenade us from the computer. Annie and I have been friends since Bible College, and have man adventures together. She recorded this little ballad  just for Fae and I (aren’t we lucky). Enjoy listing! alive alive oh!

  I have so many friends getting married in the near future, and i’m attempting to gather ideas for 1 friend in particular who has asked me to help add a few ideas for her engagement party. There are so many fantastic resources out there, i thought i’d share a few of my favorite with you here (some of them are just good party ideas in general!)

A fantastic ribbon place card idea *with tutorial! Compliments of 100 Layer Cake

And here are some sweet cakes from Wedding Chicks. Don’t you love the dome shape and ridges in the icing? I can not ice a cake “properly” to save my life, so there is something about this that is so charming!

No, not our actual wedding invitation from 4 years back, this is a free! invitation template! Check out some more at Wedding Chicks. (and for those of you like me, who are already married, they have an “On to Babies” tab that looks oh so inviting, though so far i’ve kept my itching fingers back from exploring).

This last one would be perfect for any tea, or party really. And i fully intend to use it some day- so don’t be suprised if you come over to my house someday and see this beauty gracing the empty space above my pretty white table. Head on over to Once Wed to get the tutorial.

Enjoy the week ahead!



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We’re finally feeling better. After a full week of being really very sick and achy, we are taking full advantage of beautiful days and healthy babes. We took our sweet little “tiger-duck” for a walk.

This charming one of a kind toy was made especially for Fae by our land lady during our last 2 years in Germany as a good-bye gift. Lately we have been having a somewhat hard time taking walks because little miss priss constantly wants me to hold her. I’m a pretty strong momma, but she is also a pretty heavy 18 month old. This little toy was just the perfect addition to our walk, it takes F’s attention off a cuddle, and allow us both to enjoy our time out and get plenty of exercise.


We went to the park and ran around, playing tag, (or at least trying to), chasing dogs who were chasing sticks, and drinking lots of water.

Also here is the beginnings of my curtains, and a sweet postcard find i forgot to include into yesterdays post!



Blessings to you on your Sunday!

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Happy Saturday

We had the nicest Saturday in a good long time. Woke up to heavy rain outside, and braved the weather to go to the library’s singing hour. We arrived early and Fae was determined to get on with the fun- so she sat happily in her normal spot, and proceeded to conduct her own singing time. Happily rocking back and forth she sang her own combination of “Row Row Row Your Boat” and “Wind the Bobbin Up.”

Daddy joined us later and since the rain had stopped, we had a nice lunch out,- we found a good little restaurant on the waterfront and had a lovely family date.
Then on to the really fun part… We took the bus to Gloucester Road where there are lots of nice boutique, childrens, reclamation, and vintage shops. We came away with a coffee table(!!!!!), made from upcycled 100 year old bits of wood, and wonderful vintage, and delightfully “blemished” fabric to make living room curtains! (pictures to follow soon)

Overall, we had a lovely time- despite a bit of no nap hysteria.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday too!





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work, work, work!

Though it isn’t especially new news, I realize I haven’t share any details of life lately, and thats a pity, because I know you have all been waiting with breathless anticipation of the happenings in my life (ha!).

About 2 months ago, I left baby with husband and went to search out some help wanted signs along our high street. I popped in to Cath Kidston mostly because it looked like a perfectly charming shop, and lo and behold, they had a sign in the window “help wanted.” I applied, got the job, and love it. Not only is it a sweet shop full of lovely bags, clothes, and home wear, but I get to work with a handful of the mostly lovely girls!

(Me, off to my first day of work, and the view of our shop as you walk up parkstreet, with the College straight on.)

Park Street, Bristol

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