Studio Tours

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit absent from the pages of this blog lately. I definitly have. Ive been to busy gathering inspiration from some of my favorite blogs. And pretty much every time i read one- i think: “i have to share some of these with my friends!”

I have a undeniable fascination with studio tours. Along with loads of bloggers and readers, i love to see the rooms where artists and crafters find their inspiration. I keep thinking …” Someday.” Someday i will have a house, and someday I will have a room to call my own, and get to fill it with my fabrics, typewriter, papers and little pretties. But every time i get the “i-wanna”s I get to remind myself that this world is not my home. ¬†After 3 years of happy happy marriage, we do not have a house, or a couch, or even an address to call our own. And instead of sorting lovely things into their proper places on the shelves of my dream studio- i am sorting things to put back into suitcases and boxes to be shipped to our next home.

but i am happy.

Here are some of the things i do have: A wonderfully loving husband, who loves adventure as much as i do, A gorgeous little girl, who loves to squeeze my neck and kiss me with big open mouthed kisses. A passport full of stamps, fast friendships with amazing people all over the globe, the opportunity to nest over and over again in each new place we unpack our suitcases. And an everlasting Hope. As wonderful as this world can be in its very best moment, it is only a dim shadow of the glories we’ll know in Heaven. And these are just a few of my blessings.


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