Isn’t is special to think back on our family who has come and gone before us, creating the fabric of our nation and our families? Sitting and talking with my husband’s grandmother yesterday after church i rediscovered how special family memories are to me. Marring into a family with well documented and much appreciated history makes me want to spend the time to rediscover my own. It seems to be even more special when the stories of the past can be associated with a tangible item. G-G has lots of old family photos and we poured over them together. Then she passed along some of her goodies to me. I can just imagine her using these lovely Hazel Atlas Glass snack sets. Aren’t they lovely? One of my older sisters has been collecting these sets for quite sometime, and uses them to throw delightful parties and teas. Ive borrowed hers a couple of times, but now i am the proud owner of my own growing collection!
This morning i found some more lovely snack sets at our trusty neighborhood thrift store. I was quite pleased with my finds. my growing collection


November 1, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Lucy replied:

    Oh my goodness! You beat me to them! No, Just kidding. I am so very happy for you!

  2. Mom replied:

    The picture of me in my wedding dress of 1945 years later is kindy of risque, I fear. I guess the wind was blowing. Smile.

  3. Chrissy replied:

    Well it goes without saying that I LOVE them! As I have collected mine over time through thrift stores, I hope one day to pass down to my daughter with lots of fun memories attached 🙂

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