Paper crafts

Recently my husband mentioned that he would very much like some monogramed stationary…and that got my brain working. There is a fabulous blog written by a christian mother called JustSomethingIMade. On it she shares her crafting genius with multiple DIY projects – complete with downloads and suggested uses. On this website i was again reminded of the delight of personalized stationary. From there i discovered other blogs that offer free clip art downloads and there is what has come of it. (so far)

I created this stationary as an early Christmas gift for a dear friend. I was delighted with the results, and will be altering my template to accommodate many other hobbies and monograms to be  wrapped up and shipped around the world to loved ones. The March of the White Gaurd was a prodject intended solely for personal use (inspiration and tutorial found on blog mentioned above). I was delighted with the end results, and now have a lovely and unique journal.

I also enjoyed creating this little bookplate for my new companion.

Vintage book – $4.00 Journal insert-$4.50 Paper lining-$2.00    Total cost: $10.50!

time spent: 15 minutes

I highly recommend this prodject for crafters young and old.


October 25, 2010. Uncategorized.

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