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While it is true, i’ve been in a crafting craze… you wouldn’t know from my lack of sharing. I’ve a neat little stack of fabric waiting for me, but while on my way to the fabric store today, my sister and i were exchanging crafting stories. That is when I realized I aught to share pictures and links to my fabulous inspiration. This is my attempt to catch you up on things…

Right before I had the delight of creating my little elephants, I embroidered the face on this charming little sock monkey for Fae. Her great-aunt Wendy made it for her, and I had the honor or putting the face on this and one other monkey. After the monkey and elephants, i turned to knitting, and then after that a bit more fabric.

The sweet coral sweater is a pattern from Lionbrand Yarn. Since it is one of my favorite patterns, i opted for a few alterations. Adding a sailor collor (perfect for popping) rather than the called for hood. Also, i knitted this particular sweater with 2 thicknesses of yarn since its owner on the way will be born into a happy little family living in cold Alaska.

{the blue sweater-vest is Fae’s.  It has little ruffled cap sleeves}

The charming little mermaiden was a pure delight to make (and continues to be as we play with it). Wonderful pattern found in Wee Wonderful. Fae like her at times, and sometimes not so much.

The sweet little beach ball that Fae is chasing after was inspired by the fabulous blog purlbee. If you have yet to read their professional and delightful tutorials and reviews and you even mildly enjoy reading my blog- then you simply must read … soon!

While that is not all that I’ve created. I think that its enough for one night. Continue to check back for more.


October 24, 2010. Uncategorized.

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