moving…across the ocean

We have 9 days left until we get on that plane and fly across the northern hemisphere to arrive in Sunshiny California. Goodbye cloudy skys, humid days and thunderstorms- goodbye lush greenery, and little dorfs, goodbye little green house…we will miss so many things about you.
Funny how packing to move or travel uncovers so many things that you didn’t realize you had held onto- often times little mementoes from loved ones, little “treasures” that you’d completely forgot that you treasured. Thats what happens in my stomach and heart too. I realize just how much ive enjoyed our lovely life here. Sorting through our earthly possessions makes me think of how amazing it is that this place has not just been our residence, but our home for so many years. Our little nest and our dear friends will be sorely missed. Of that you can be sure.
But cheer up chum. This world is not my home. And as i always write in the beginning of new journals, and often remind myself-

An experience is not full-grown until it has been remembered

(-C.S. Lewis, my paraphrase).

Going home! Looking forward to enveloping hugs, tears of delight and the realization that the loved ones we left behind are still there- and still wonderfully loved and full of love for us. I can’t wait to hug each and every parent, grandparent, sister, brother, niece and nephew! And to be with our family “home” for more than a few weeks, will be lovely.

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.”- Ecclesiastes 3:1


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