Dad in Hong Kong

Adventure seems to run in my blood. When I was a kid I would play “airlines” with my older sister Bethany and we would pretend to travel to all sorts of fun places. The other favorite game was train. I would put a chair next to my bedroom window that faced our front porch and read or pretend to amuse myself during a long imaginary train ride across the country to the wild west.

My dad always said that he passed the travel bug along to a few of us kids, and turns out I’m one of the lucky ones. It will be so strange to move back to the states knowing that we won’t be returning to Germany. As I was hanging my laundry out on the clothes line in the garden I was reminded yet again of how different our world is here. Im going to miss it to be sure. But Im so looking forward to the English part of our adventures. Living in England has always been a secret dream of mine. I feel so lucky. Honestly, it seems so rare for people to live out their dreams.  Well, i guess it is in my blood and my mindset. The entire world belongs to the Lord, His arm is never too short to save, and being here has only served to reinforce the conviction that the Lord’s work will be done, but we are invited to take part in that work, and the benefit it entirely ours!

p.s. i think Fae has it too…the travel bug i mean. Her favorite thing at the moment is “playing” airplane.


April 7, 2010. Uncategorized.

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