old words, same thoughts

What a lucky girl i am.
  • I was browsing through random post in my old blog, and came across this one that i wrote in May, 2007. I enjoyed reminiscing, i remember having butterflies in my stomach that entire week. After 2 years of marriage, i’m still stoked that he is mine.
  • “Well, this is late in coming, but i feel quite justified in that, there has been so much going on. On Saturday, May 5, Conor asked me to marry him! Of course i said yes! we had the most wonderful week of my life together, walking, talking, enjoying one another’s company. I’m so amazed at the goodness of the Lord to bless me with such a man. One of the students here at the school asked me yesterday while we were making lunch how i knew that Conor was the one for me, because since we started to date it was with the intention of getting married. When i got to know Mr. C.S. Berry, i realized that he was a man that even if nothing changed, i would be delighted to spend the rest of my days with. I saw his heart for prayer, his earnest desire to seek the Lord and the heart of compassion that the Lord had given him. I saw that he led with respect and honesty about his shortcoming- letting the light of Christ shine out through those cracks and weaknesses. We would talk about books, sit quietly, simply enjoying one another’s company, or if the situation was sticky, we would pray. And his jolly laugh and good sense of humor instantly made me appreciate his company. It took me a good bit to believe that someone who i respected so much would actually want to be with me, and further still- put up with me. But well before he told me he cared, i had come to depend on our friendship and knew that the if the Lord would be so good as to put the same desire in his heart, i would say yes if he just asked me to marry him then. After dating for a year and a half, we are engaged and i know that the rest of our lives together will be even more revealing of the Lord’s abundant blessings and mercies. The Lord is so good, and his timing is perfect! Ive grown to love this man even more, and being apart for these past 9 months of my internship have been a huge tool that the Lord has used to deepen my love and appreciation for the comfort of my best friend. I am my Beloved’s, and He is mine.”
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