another month gone by

hello again friends and readers.

in this past month i’ve been consumed with “normal” daily tasks, cooking, feeding, cleaning and enjoying. with nothing deeply profound to say, or beautiful to share, the silence has been intentional.

i should not say that i’ve been completely unproductive in the area of arts and crafts, since i completed an impressive mound of special mail to be delivered to the ones we love. while reading one of my favorite blogs (, i was taken with the photos of one particular wedding. the bride had successfully incorporated 3 ideas that i had hoped to use for my own wedding. but didn’t. seeing that what she had accomplished so beautifully inspired me to take my time and do my only crafting project well, even if it meant more time and effort expended. happily this project used up some of my favorite fabric that i love, but do not want to tote back to home with us when we return in three months. its rare when more elaborate couples as less expensive. this was one of those happy moments.

quite happy with the results, and i got to put my most favorite birthday present to good use! many thanks to my wonderful husband who bought me a sewing machine for my 23rd birthday.

tomorrow is Fae’s 2 month birthday. these past three months have gone so quickly, its thrilling to think in another 3 months we will be back with our natural family. happy 2 month birthday little cupcake!

march is here, and spring is welcome!


March 2, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. andrea replied:

    AHHH her skirt. she is truly fabulous.
    what did you make with your precious fabric? i’m glad you did it. 🙂
    miss you very much! xo

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