most favorite thing…

…Being Fae Amelia’s Mum. Im the only one who gets to nibble on these cheeks incessantly, and just being near me calms her down, we cuddle at nap-time, and go for long walks, all bundled up- happily ¬†ignorning the cold.

Today i was in our little drugstore buying diapers, and the lady behind the counter wanted to see her, so i pulled back the cover of our stroller to show off my little lady. She was completely taken with her. Cooing over her gorgeous hair, she even called her colleague over and together they oo-ed and ah-ed for minutes, and she couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful my baby was. Its delightful the way that perfect strangers melt at the sight of a stroller, and offer hearty congratulations when they see her.


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Black Bow Dress

via Black Bow Dress.

How fabulous is this dress? Its when i find fabulous dresses like this that i think it would be fun to be a working girl in the big city. Like Joan in Madmen- running the office in one of her sassy dresses with that fabulous done up red hair.

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practice, practice, practice

Today my husband informed me that next year on his birthday, he would like a Key Lime Pie. I’ve never attempted a Meringue, and for some reason was quite daunted by the idea. But, what’s life without a challenge? And no better time to start than today.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Since Tuesdays are Conor’s heaviest day for class preparation, I try to make something nice, some sort of comfort food, or family recipe (I say¬†this like its been an ongoing tradition, when really, this is the second week of the semester- but we’ve been enjoying our mini tradition). Fae is sleeping soundly, and lovely yellow lemons ripening on my windowsill beckoned me to begin my meringue-journey with a Lemon Meringue Pie. A classic tasteof delicious summer days to liven up a snowy February gloom. All went smoothly and time will tell the quality of my labor. Love you Babe.

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