Chubby Bunny

How amazing does it sound, to be able to create for someone you love who will (for the time being) think anything that comes from you is the cat’s mew. Here’s my little chubby bunny, whose cheeks I get to nibble all day long. We’re quite taken with one-another. These last few weeks I take all of my “free” time (nap time for Fae) to work on a little purple sweater for her. When we brought her home from the hospital, she was a very healthy 8+ pounds, but still, I found that not many of the clothes i’d collected fit her, specifically the warm clothes. Grrr. Well, so I promptly set about knitting a very warm little cardigan complete with hood. Since it is so little it has gone relatively quickly. I’m now working on the last piece- the hood. But though my knitting has grown by bits, every 2 hours- it would seem that she has done the same. A little over 3 weeks old, and already she has broken the 11 pound mark. (She stores it in her cheeks and thighs). So I have to knit all the faster so that she can get a few wearings out of this creation before we have to retire it.


January 28, 2010. Uncategorized.

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