Happy Birthday

Fae Amelia is 4 weeks old this morning. The last month has been chalk full of kisses and cooing. It’s amazing to think that this time last year Conor and I were only discussing a Baby. Now we have her and we couldn’t be happier to be a full-fledged family now. Last April I flew home to visit my family and be in my oldest sister’s wedding. Conor was in Rome, taking a group of students on an outreach. I was very emotional and wanting a baby so badly, but thinking at this was completely normal, considering all of the nieces and nephews, and missing my husband much. Well, because everything in the states is so much more familiar, i decided to get some pregnancy test (since by this time Conor and I were actively trying). But then having them made me want to take one, so at the first sign of being late, out whipped the prego-predictor. I found out I was pregnant the day after my sisters’ wedding, and the day before leaving my family to come back home to my honey. Since then we’ve loved every minute and change and adjustment. I loved love loved being pregnant, and though labor is definitely called that for a reason- so well worth it!

And now our little lady is a whole month old! Time flies. Already her little thighs are so chubby I can’t touch my fingers together when encircling them, and she smiles more and more. What a life!


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purple glory

Finished! Today I did nothing else until Fae’s little purple sweater was finished. (nothing being quite an overstatement.) Pattern by Lion Brand, wool blend yarn, buttons from a friend in Ireland. Happy to say the the 0-3 month size is  a perfect fit for my 3.5 week old daughter. Assembling the pieces was a bit of a challenge, this being the  first sweater I’ve knit following a pattern. Happily well worth the time and labor.

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Chubby Bunny

How amazing does it sound, to be able to create for someone you love who will (for the time being) think anything that comes from you is the cat’s mew. Here’s my little chubby bunny, whose cheeks I get to nibble all day long. We’re quite taken with one-another. These last few weeks I take all of my “free” time (nap time for Fae) to work on a little purple sweater for her. When we brought her home from the hospital, she was a very healthy 8+ pounds, but still, I found that not many of the clothes i’d collected fit her, specifically the warm clothes. Grrr. Well, so I promptly set about knitting a very warm little cardigan complete with hood. Since it is so little it has gone relatively quickly. I’m now working on the last piece- the hood. But though my knitting has grown by bits, every 2 hours- it would seem that she has done the same. A little over 3 weeks old, and already she has broken the 11 pound mark. (She stores it in her cheeks and thighs). So I have to knit all the faster so that she can get a few wearings out of this creation before we have to retire it.

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excited about the new

This is me. Hannah Berry. I’ve recently found a renewed delight in blogging. Thanks to the world of crafting bloggers, I’m freshly inspired to share my thoughts and crafts with the world. It’s a new season of life, so what’s more fitting than a new venue to share about it.

New baby girl. Born on January 3,2010, Fae Amelia is the 2nd fabulous addition to my life. I couldn’t ask for a more than my wonderful husband than my Conor, and we’re completely in love with our little lady. Motherhood suits me just fine (now that I’ve adjusted to the lack of continuous sleep during the night). And I love having a little hands and feet to knit for. She’s already been sporting a collection of leg-warmers, and a pink and white striped gnome hat.

New adventures. As if having a baby and becoming parents is not adventure enough. We are ending our time working here in Siegen Germany, where we’ve been serving at Calvary Chapel’s Bible College for nearly 2 years. Soon we’ll be on to the next thing. Though I have to say, I’m glad we’ve got a few more months here. I’ve come to quite enjoy our lives here at the Bible College, the dear friends we’ve made and our wonderful little home on Nightingale Way. But as C.S. Lewis says “An experience is full-grown only when it has been remembered.”  The next great adventure is Bonny old England. We’re moving to Bristol in the coming year. And we’re all quite jolly about it. More about that later.

So, here are some of my favorite things, things you can expect me to talk about. Fae. Conor. Sisters. Making things. Knitting. Paper. Colors. My life. England.


p.s. Happy Birthday Annie.

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